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mirrored nightstand
DIY Projects

Mirrored Nightstand: DIY Roundup

Crafters, woodworkers, restoration gurus: we challenge you. The mirrored nightstand is a hot item right now, but it's not priced for those of us with a modest budget. Take for example the one shown above. This little dresser from Pottery Barn is going to cost…
DIY Projects

Beveled Mirror on Antique Buffet

That antique furniture with missing glass or mirrors doesn't have to sit in a garage or attic gathering dust! Just ask Mark Piotrowski of Charles Town, WV.  He recently restored a 100-year-old buffet by replacing a the broken beveled mirror with a brand-new one. Using our…
DIY Projects

Holiday Gifts to Make and Give!

Holiday gifts? Nothing says love like a high-quality, hand-made gift.  And the crafters' haven of Pinterest is the best place in the world to find a ton of inspiration.  We've rounded up several glass and mirror crafts that would be great to make and give…
DIY Projects

DIY Project: Custom Icebox Cabinet

Customer Submission: Custom Icebox Cabinet with Dulles Glass and Mirror Glass [PHOTOS] Thanks to our customer Nolan, for sending us these great pictures of his unique, one-of-a-kind custom icebox cabinet. We love what he did with the glass and amazing woodwork. And he was kind…
Glass Table Tops

DIY Project: Custom Glass Table

Customer Submission: Custom DIY Glass Table Hi, I wanted to let you know that I received my custom glass order two days ago and unpacked it yesterday. It was masterfully packed in two large packages. I used the glass to build a table to put…
Glass Table Tops

DIY Project: Coffee Table Top

Customer Submission: Coffee Table Top A big thanks to our customer Elaine; not only did she leave us great feedback, but she allowed us to showcase the photos of her brand new coffee table top! And here is Elaine's kind note: "I recently ordered a…
Glass Table Tops

DIY Project: Susi Qube Game Table

Customer Submission: Susi Qube Game Table (Photos by Samantha Swann) Our friends at Snow Woodworks have graced us with pictures of their one-of-a-kind Susi Qube Game Table, utilizing glass from Dulles Glass & Mirror. Warren Snow, the creator of this piece, was nice enough to share his…

DIY Project: Acrylic Mirror Closets

Customer Submission - Peggy From Ohio (Acrylic Mirror Closets) Take it away, Peggy: Glassless Mirrors: Very pleased with product! Review: [...] It arrived in perfect condition and I installed it. I love how it finished the project I was working on.  I would highly recommend…
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