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4 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home With Glass

Are you giving your home a makeover and don’t know where to start? Starting a new life with your new apartment but running short on ideas? Lucky for you, we have some easy ways to improve your home, while giving you all the power when it comes to making it unique for you! Here are four ways to upgrade your home with glass.

1. Use Glass Shelves to Add Sparkle and Practicality

Shelves are a versatile way to display or store every day items around the house. Add some spatial contrast to the room by mounting shelves against the wall, or add them to existing bookshelves or the fridge for an elegant, yet sturdy way to store your goodies. Whichever way you choose, the results will surely surprise you.

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2. Enhance your Desks & Tables with a Beautiful Glass Table Top

Whether it’s a vanity, coffee table, or a dining table, a glass top will give it an elegant edge. A simple piece of glass will add a luxurious feel and a stunning sheen to whatever it covers. It also makes the surface scratch resistant, so that’s a plus!

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Check out one of our customers had to say about their awesome DIY custom table cover.

“The custom tabletop glass I ordered is resonantly priced, made of high quality materials, and cut to perfection. It arrived sooner than I expected in pristine condition; well packaged with ample protective packaging. Communication with Dulles company Customer Service was top notch, they are courteous, professional, and proficient in quickly answering all questions, as well as, resolving any issues I had. Overall, my online purchase went smoothly. I highly recommend to friends and family. Dulles is A#1″ – Edwin M.

3. Add a Conversation Piece with a Custom Mirror

A mirror provides a beautiful, timeless look that matches any decor.  Whether it’s hugged by a treasured frame, or implemented on it’s own, mirrors can contribute a great deal your room’s atmosphere, enhancing mood and making the room seem bigger.

The mirror to the right was replaced with a new mirror, after the original was broken in a move. She treasured the frame, and was able to replace the broken mirror quickly.

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4. Highlight the Warmth of your Home with a Pristine Fireplace Glass

A crystal clear fireplace glass will bring a warm welcome to anyone visiting your home. With a low flame burning, and a gorgeous glass to go with it, you’re in for a comforting experience. Don’t forget a warm blanket and some tea!

To the left, our customer replaced her fireplace glass and raved about how easy it was to do online. We love to hear that!

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