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Do you need custom cut glass & glass replacement for DIY projects or home repair? Did you know that there’s a variety of glass types to customize your home?

Custom Cut Glass & Glass Replacement types:

Annealed glass is a manufactured glass that involves a slow cooling process rather heating. Annealed glass is used for table tops, cabinet doors and basement windows.

Tempered glass or toughened glass is 4X as strong as typical glass. Due to its safety features, durability, and high-temperature resistance, tempered glass is used in larger pieces of glass such as frameless shower doors and fireplace glass replacement. If broken, tempered glass breaks into dull square pieces rather than angled pieces so that injury is less likely to happen.

Acrylic glass or plexiglass is a shatterproof glass. Many aquariums are composed of this glass. Due to acrylic glass transmitting more light than regular glass, it has no distinguishing tint and is thus more transparent. One downside to using acrylic glass is that it is prone to scratching. However, unlike regular glass, acrylic glass can be buffed to remove visible abrasions.

Low-iron glass, also known as Diamant glass or Starphire glass is the clearest most transparent glass on the market. It is sometimes whitish in appearance depending on the light source. Many interior designers use this glass for its ultra clear modern look.

Textured glass: Some types of textured glass include frosted glass where the glass is etched to create a frosted effect. This class is the opposite of ultra clear but is used on shower doors for added privacy.

Another type of textured glass is rain glass, which looks as it sounds- like rain streaking down the glass but in a much more uniform pattern. Some people think it looks more like the lines of a tree. Either way, rain glass adds privacy while giving your shower glass door or table top that ethereal nature-inspired look.

Glass tint: In addition to ultra clear glass, dark-tinted glass includes bronze and gray glass. Tinted glass reduces glare and is perfect for bathrooms that get too much light.

For a complete list of custom cut glass & glass replacement types, visit our online catalog of custom glass. 

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