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Gym Mirrors

Gym Mirrors

Turn your home or garage into a personal gym with a gym mirror kit. Our gym mirror kits are made with the highest quality glass to prevent distortion and have safety backing to prevent glass from shattering. Installation hardware comes with each gym mirror kit.

Fitness Center Mirrors

DIY Project: A Dream Home Dance Studio

Did you know that you can buy gym mirrors online? This awesome mom promised her dancer daughter a home dance studio after she proved she could stick to the lessons, but wasn't sure how to pull it off. After consulting with a glass expert at…

Large Mirrors: Your DIY Secret Weapon

Large mirrors are a design staple for brightening up small spaces, creating drama, and adding functionality. If you’re an avid DIY-er like many of our customers, you know that getting what you want, how you want it and when you want it can make all…

How to Create a Home Yoga Studio

Find Inner Peace Sometimes we wish that the world would stand still.   Enthusiasts know that yoga is a pretty close alternative! With long deep breaths and tension-releasing stretches, yoga is an amazing way to let go of your worries and anxieties and start your day…
Home Gym Ceiling Mirrors

Home Gym Mirrors

Get in Shape With A Gym Mirror  If you aren’t sure that paying for a gym membership is the best route, turn your home or garage into a gym with home gym mirrors and garage gym mirrors. It turns out that with a little space…