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Sometimes we wish that the world would stand still.   Enthusiasts know that yoga is a pretty close alternative! With long deep breaths and tension-releasing stretches, yoga is an amazing way to let go of your worries and anxieties and start your day as your best self. Now, you can do yoga pretty much anywhere, but atmosphere is really important to put yourself in a mindful state. Your own studio will easily put you at ease, and allow your routine to flow freely. Here’s some tips to get your yoga studio started!


We recommend a space with lots of natural light, so a room with a few windows would be a good option. Letting sunlight flow through your studio will brighten your mornings, and energize your zen sessions! Even if it’s a rainy day, being in tune with the weather is a great way to practice mindfulness. Flooring should be what you are comfortable with, but a nice, wooden floor adds warmth to the space and allows you to connect your feet down to pure earth. Of course the right yoga mat will transform any surface into the perfect place to do your practice.


Mirrors are important as they will help you check your pose so that you practice your routines safely. Some poses can be difficult, so it may be a good idea to check yourself to make sure you’re in a stable position. Not only will it bring your best performance, it will also strengthen your inner self. Tara Well, the founder of mirror-based meditation says that mirrors can be used as a tool to create a kinder self awareness towards yourself by taming your “inner critic” and more. Install a few mirrors and try incorporating some of her techniques to your routine!

MiraSafe gym mirrors are perfect for your home yoga studio. They are available in a variety of sizes. Buy one for a small space or group several together to create a larger studio space. The great thing about MiraSafe mirrors is that they are specially constructed to be shatterproof. Ordinary gym mirrors rely on safety backing and don’t have the same proprietary construction as MiraSafe – so they don’t have the same durability. In addition, MiraSafe mirrors are lead-free, so unlike the acrylic or safety mirrors some gyms use, these mirrors are ultra-clear.

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Having a simple space allows you to connect with yourself without distractions, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on comforts! A yoga mat is essential as it will absorb any hard impact or shock from your hands and feet, also providing cushion for back-centered poses. A blanket is great for relaxing routines on hard days, and cushions can be used for post meditation! Cozy up your studio and it will quickly become your safe space.

Here’s a great blanket that will liven up your yoga studio while keeping you warm! Get it on Amazon here.

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An oil diffuser or a few incense sticks will truly relax your soul. Soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, or energizing like tangerine can help fuel your sessions with what you need. Keep a variety of scents available so you can customize and match your mood for that day.

Here’s an article on the best oil diffusers!



Music or nature sounds are a great way to get yourself grounded and in the right mental space. Sound creates atmosphere. Whether it’s the noisy streets of a city or rolling winds through grass, those locations feel different by the sounds that inhabit them. Create a playlist that will set your intention for your session, such as easing stress, starting your morning out right, or getting ready for bed.


Your yoga studio is — yours! Decorate it with something that makes you feel at ease and safe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few stuffed animals, or something classic like some plants or a mini waterfall, whatever will clear your mind and open your heart is best for your space. Adding your own custom touch will ground you much easier rather than if it felt foreign.

Yoga is an amazing way to enrich your life. Connect with your body, mind, and soul and flow on!

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