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DIY Project: A Dream Home Dance Studio

Gym mirrors or single gym mirror for dance studio

Did you know that you can buy gym mirrors online? This awesome mom promised her dancer daughter a home dance studio after she proved she could stick to the lessons, but wasn’t sure how to pull it off. After consulting with a glass expert at Dulles Glass & Mirror, she decided that a MiraSafe gym mirror would do the trick. She was able to order them online and — get this — install them herself in one evening!

MiraSafe gym mirrors are great for all kinds of places where there is high activity or the possibility of accidents. They’re shatterproof because of their proprietary construction, and you can only get them from Dulles Glass & Mirror.

We sell these mirrors in easy-to-install kits with two, three, five, or more sets of mirrors in each. And, the kits come in 4 different sizes of mirrors.  The installation materials come with the mirrors, and you can always call and get help if you’re not sure how many mirrors you need for your space.


Gym Mirror Installation Guide for Dance Studios

We asked one of our resident glass experts for some pointers for creating the perfect home gym, dance or yoga studio, or fitness space right in your own home. JP Hernandez was on hand to give these pointers:

  • Mirrors come in standard widths of 36″ and 48″. You can choose any number of mirrors that will work in your room.
  • The mirrors come in two standard heights: 72″ and 60″.
  • You’ll need to hang your mirrors more than 24″ from the floor if there are any outlets on that wall.
  • If you are going to be doing floor exercises like yoga, you might want your mirrors to be closer to the floor, however, you’ll still need to account for those outlets! There’s more information on gym mirror installation here.
  • MiraSafe Gym Mirrors can be installed flush next to each other to cover an entire wall, or with some space in between to create a different look.

dancer supplies gym mirrors or single gym mirror

You can see the whole list of gym mirror installation kits that we have to offer here. There’s even a handy gym mirror installation tutorial that helps you figure out how to configure your whole space.


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