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DIY Dads: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up! For avid DIYer dads, these gift ideas will make remodeling projects easier. If your dad enjoys DIY projects, get inspired by these projects our past customers have made!

All of the glass for these projects was custom-cut right here at Dulles Glass & Mirror!

DIY Table | Father's Day Gifts

DIY Tree Trunk Coffee Table: Joseph Crow, a dad and veteran, made a beautiful coffee table out of a salvaged tree trunk and custom table top glass from Dulles Glass & Mirror. He even made a matching nightstand. You can order your dad a custom glass table top that will fit his project in mind. You choose the table top size, thickness, style and tint.

Father's Day Gifts | Engine Table

DIY Table Made From a Plane Engine: This is perfect for the pilot in your family or perhaps a very imaginative dad. This DIY table was made from a plane engine and a custom size glass table top from Dulles Glass & Mirror. For the middle part, Bob Perkins, the maker of this table, specified a custom-cut hole for the center of is engine. Most people specify custom-cut holes for patio table umbrellas, but creativity can extend that application.

Father's Day Gifts | Jeep Engine

DIY Jeep Engine Table: Another cool DIY table involving the use of an engine. The maker, Saul M. wanted to commemorate a road trip and his favorite vehicle that sadly gave way due to a crack in the engine. He repurposed his old jeep’s engine into a table. If your dad has a sentimental object, perhaps convert it into a coffee table or display his mementos on a floating glass shelf display.

Need some more ideas for Father’s Day gifts? Dulles Glass & Mirror, the largest online glass retailer, offers custom glass products made to order for a variety of uses:

Custom Glass Shelves: Custom glass shelves are the perfect gift for the dad who wants to organize his bathroom, office or at-home bar. Glass shelves can be customized by length, width, style, tint, and hardware.

Glass Shelves

Replacement Glass: We offer a variety of glass types for a variety of purposes. From small to large glass pieces, your dad can have the exact size to fit his DIY or repair project. Other replacement glass types include acrylic sheets, which have a variety of uses in the home and garden. If your dad is a gardener, acrylic sheets are perfect for greenhouses. Other uses for acrylic sheets include kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, picture frames, cabinets, and furniture. Polycarbonate glass can be used for glazing. And tempered glass can be used for furniture replacement and repair.

Order The Essentials For Your Dad’s DIY Father’s Day Gift:

Construction Glass Glue: What makes this glass glue so special? For one, it’s for heavy-duty applications such as gluing glass to glass and glass to metal. Use it for mirrors, glass shelves, frameless glass showers, and furniture. Added bonus: Nano470 Construction Glass Glue doesn’t require UV light to cure the glue.

Table Top Bumpers & Furniture Pads: If you are buying a glass table top cover for your dad’s furniture, be sure to get a few furniture pads that prevent the glass table top cover from scratching the furniture surface. Plus, the furniture pads keep the glass in place. Use on desks, coffee tables, dining tables, nightstands and more.

We hope we’ve made life easier in the DIY realm. If you have a DIY project that you would like to share, leave us a comment below. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and enjoy your gifts!

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