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Glass Shelf Design Ideas

Gets some glass shelf design ideas from Dulles Glass & Mirror customers. While glass shelves help keep your home organized, certain glass shelf designs provide functionality in addition decor. Take advantage of your vertical space with glass shelves. We’ll show you how our customers made room for plants and collectibles by using floating glass shelves.

Window Glass Shelf For Plants | Glass Shelf Design Ideas

Indoor Window Shelves For Plants

Philip’s plants needed more light than they were getting. A plant stand would clutter his kitchen space. Instead, Philip used the vertical window space in his kitchen and customized a glass shelf online to fit the dimensions of his window. He then ordered rectangular chrome shelf brackets. Some ideas for glass shelf planters include corner glass shelves as well as stacking multiple glass shelves over the window. You may want to enlist a friend to help with spacing out the shelves according to the height of your plants.

Here’s what Philip had to say about his window sill plant shelf:

Philip G.

Quick and easy!

Wife wanted a glass shelf in a window for her African violets. Ordered it on the website and it is perfect! It arrived fast, too. Very pleased!

Order Custom Cut Wall Mounted Shelving

Wall Niche Custom Shelving

Buy Wall Niche Shelves Online

Milo ordered glass shelves for his wall niche and like Philip, needed wall niche custom glass shelving to fit the niche space and show off his naturalist collection of corals and rocks. The end result is stunning. Before ordering your wall niche shelving, consider the aesthetics of your particular wall niche and how the glass shelf design will fit into your decor. Painting the background with a splash of color will make your wall niche stand out. Do this before you install the shelving. Interior designers recommend dividing your shelves into thirds to appeal to the eye. Another thing to consider is what you will your shelving be displaying and the height of those collectibles. There are many types of glass tints to use such as gray, bronze, low-iron (slightly greenish tint) and HDglass (ultra-clear glass). Here’s a design tip: To highlight your collectibles, install LED or recessed lights above or under your shelves.

Here are some other places in your home where you can install glass shelving:

– Over the sink

– Bars

– Closets

Office space and storage shelves

Shower and bathroom shelves

Corner shelves 

– Cabinets- Glass shelves pair well with cabinet faces that have glass.

Read Milo’s Glass Shelf Wall Niche Review:

Milo C.

Custom glass shelves

We absolutely love our new shelves. They were easy to install and look amazing!! Thanks to Dulles for the top-notch work!!

How To Mount The Glass Shelves On The Wall

Brass, Black, Chrome Glass Shelf Brackets

Our in stock glass shelf kits come with glass shelf brackets and wall installation hardware. Keep in mind that these in-stock glass shelves are pre-cut to a specific size so if you need a custom size shelf, you will need to enter the dimensions.

For those ordering a custom glass shelf, you can also customize your glass shelf brackets and will need to order the brackets separately. Brackets can hold ⅛” to 15/16” thick glass shelves that protrude up to 10” from the wall. There are many glass shelf brackets available in a variety of styles and finishes. Philip used the Chrome Rectangular Glass Shelf Bracket for his window shelves as they are sleek and don’t obstruct the window view.

Shop for glass shelf brackets


Unique Glass Shelf Design Ideas Include

Clear Glass Bookend Shelves

  • The Ulani shelf, which has built-in bookends.
  • The Eclipse curved wall shelf.
  • The Fiora shelf is a standard glass shelf that is currently 60% Off and is available in low-iron glass (clear), espresso bronze and smokey gray tints.
  • The Triumph glass shelf has a bookend on one side and is perfect for artfully stacking books or magazines.

The Triumph Floating Glass Wall Shelf

Glass shelves are an attractive and useful design for any home. Plus, they are easy to install yourself. Depending on your needs and available space, you can customize your glass shelf to fit anywhere in your home.

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