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Large Mirrors: Your DIY Secret Weapon

Large mirrors are a design staple for brightening up small spaces, creating drama, and adding functionality. If you’re an avid DIY-er like many of our customers, you know that getting what you want, how you want it and when you want it can make all the difference in the world. If your home improvement project involves a mirror, you’re in luck! Our large, custom-cut mirrors could be your DIY secret weapon. Here’s how:

Large Mirrors Brighten Up a Small Space

The design staple of using mirrors to brighten up a space is basically universal. Our customers put mirrors in small alcoves and niches, behind shelving, on the front of doors and the back of doors, and everywhere in between. Finding the right size mirror for a specific space can be tricky and time-consuming. Being able to get exactly the right size for your space though? That’s pretty priceless.

Large Mirrors are the Fast-Track to Drama

Any designer worth their salt knows that sometimes, adding a bit of drama to an otherwise drab space is all that’s needed to put the project

A custom-cut vanity mirror.

back on track. Take, for example, the highly-functional space inside your front door, known as the entryway (or the foyer if you’re fancy).

A large-scale mirror can turn your foyer, especially if it is a narrow space, into a high-drama designer’s friend, with lots of reflective light and energy. With a Dulles Glass & Mirror product, you’ll be able to get exactly – and I mean EXACTLY – the size and shape you want. No more digging around the depths of the internet only to find mirrors that are too big or too small. That’s a total waste of time! Skip all that and get a custom-cut mirror today.

Large Mirrors are Functional, Too

Large mirrors don’t have to be all about decorating, though. In situations where functionality is more important than adding style elements, you’re still in good hands.

One of our customer’s weight lifting area.

For example, if you’re creating a home gym, a large, custom-cut MiraSafe gym mirror is just the ticket. MiraSafe mirrors are shatter-proof and ultra-clear, so in places where safety and clarity are important, a MiraSafe mirror is perfect. Home yoga studios, dance studios, and weight rooms have all benefited from MiraSafe Mirrors. These mirrors do come in large, pre-cut sizes, but can be put together to fill your workout space perfectly.

Other places large mirrors can come in handy are as closet doors. Some customers have added mirrors over their sliding closet doors to make the bedroom look larger and to have a place to check out those wardrobe changes. Other uses include: vanity mirrors (custom cut for that odd-size vanity you made out of an old watering trough and a dresser); living room statement walls; and even as a headboard for your bed (we’re not going to ask why – we’re just happy to supply the mirrors).

So whether you’re looking for a large mirror or small, Dulles Glass & Mirror is the place to shop. We’ll gladly custom cut your mirrors to fit your space, no matter how unusual it is.  And we hope you know that with us, you can always get Your Glass, Your Way! Now with free shipping all the time.

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