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DIY Project: Mango Wood Table with Glass Table Top

Mango Wood Table with Dulles Glass Table Top (Customer Submission)
Mango Wood Table with Dulles Glass Table Top (Customer Submission)

At Dulles Glass & Mirror, we always enjoy receiving customer submissions. It’s amazing to see our glass products used in “real life” and custom applications.

Linda from Orlando showed us her amazing mango wood table with one of a glass table top she ordered from us online.

Here’s her first-hand experience with DGM:


Thank you for manufacturing and sending the glass top I ordered. It came wonderfully packed and arrived in perfect condition. The piece finished the look I was hoping to achieve. It’s my pleasure to attach the picture for you.

The table is made from mango wood so protecting it was very important to me. The glass will do a great job. Also, thank you for sending the great non-slip spacers. Since my grandchildren visit often safety was an issue as well. Those spacers are perfect.

Please know I can’t be happier with my purchase,

Orlando, FL

Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear that Linda is happy with her glass table top and that it was perfect for her delicate mango wood table.

As a reminder, for your glass table top needs,  be sure to visit our glass table tops page — (we even cut to your exact specifications).

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  1. Nate Eagle

    This is lovely – I just saw this posted on Facebook; glad to see you guys have a blog. How do you prefer to receive customer submissions? I have a desk I built with a custom glass tabletop from you guys that I’d love to show.

  2. furnituregeeks

    This is very beautiful table design. Great work done. Thanks for sharing it.

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