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DIY Project: Military Jeep Engine Block – Custom Glass Table Top

DIY Project: Military Jeep Engine Block - Custom Glass Table Top
Military Jeep Engine Block – Custom Glass Table Top (Customer Submission)

Let’s see what Saul M. had to say about this fantastic DIY Project he did:

“All of us have the ability to create art. In 2009, I drove my 1941 Willys military jeep from Washington D.C. to San Francisco with The Military Vehicle Preservation Association. The transcontinental convoy took 26 days and was on the original Lincoln Highway across 11 states. Two days later I returned home to Baldwin Park, Calif. (L.A. area) from San Francisco and had logged 3800+ miles. My jeep never failed me! Nine months later my engine had a stroke and died. It turn out to be a cracked engine block. I have since replaced the engine and I just could not throw away that cracked block. So I created a lasting memory of my adventure. I have in my man cave a new coffee table with a great glass table top from your company. Your company, Dulles Glass & Mirror, was the only company that offered the dimensions 26″ by 28″ that I needed at a very reasonable price and was delivered to my front door in 8 days. In the near future I intent to take photos of both my jeep with the table next to it for posterity.”

Thanks, Saul! We enjoyed the pictures and hope they’ll inspire other DIYers out there to get creative!

This is one glass table we won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

1941 Willy’s Military Jeep sold separately.

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  1. Kimberly shen

    Love it! Super genius!

  2. Aria

    Wow, that so cool, nice job:)

  3. Anne

    Hi Saul!

    I really appreciate your story and what a great idea!!

    I’m a do-it-yourself’er as well and am looking to design my OWN table, but ironically, I got the idea from this website. Being that Dulless Glass & Mirror does not design/build tables (as one rep so clearly communicated to me, haha……because I didn’t know that ((sarcassm)), I was wondering where you went to have your table built, around the glass that you ordered from DG&M.

    Do you know of anyone who might be able to build some legs for my table? Thanks so much for that!


    • Saul A. Marquez

      A. Taylor, first of all thank you very much for appreciating my work of art. As I stated in my short article of how my engine block coffee table came to be,….we,… you and I have the ability to create art in any medium. You asked me where I went to have my table built. The answer is the same as where you will find your answer, in your creative mind.
      I recall the day I brought home that clean engine block from the machine shop after it had being checked and found cracked. I didn’t want it to rust again so I gave it a coat of black primer. It sat in my back yard as a piece of garden art for some time. In the back of my mind, I knew that some day I was going to create something more meaningful. Then one day I just decided to build the platform with casters that support the weight of the block. I bought the four 18″ black pipe nipples with flanges and non skid pads from the Home Depot that support the glass.
      A. Taylor, only you can build the legs for you table. As the old saying goes, use your imagination.

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