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Mirror DIYs For the Nifty Mind

Sure, some people like to keep it minimal, but others just want a little more spice! Take a look at these easy DIY projects to inspire your home, and with our endlessly customizable glass and mirrors, whether it’s size or tint, you could truly have your glass, your way.

1. When You Have Questions, You Mustache This Mirror

The evil queen has nothing on the snazzy hunk looking back at you!

Our bronze tinted mirrors would be amazing with this project, you can use dark brown nail polish rather than black to give it an old-timey, 1920’s feel. I recommend a handlebar stache’!

Instructions are here
Get a mirror to mustachify here.

2. Enter The Matrix With This Infinity Mirror

Just don’t take the red pill if you can’t take the pressure.

You can make this as big or small as you want, make it a centerpiece for  a room or a cool decor piece to put on a wall!

Find the instructions here 

and mirror sheets are here

3. Add to Your Home’s Aesthetic By Adding Some Nautical Vibes

Bring the sea home with you!

Our 8″ round mirrors are perfect for this project. Get them in multi-packs to decorate your whole home.
Find the instructions here
Pre-made round mirrors are here

4. Get Crafty With a Spoon-ish Idea

A cheap and crafty way to bring color to your home.

Shake things up by using different colors, or use forks to give it a dandelion-like appearance! Our custom round mirrors will be perfect for this project, what ever size you’d like, we have you backed up.
Find the instructions here
Custom round mirrors are here

6. Take Yourself Back to Hogwarts Through This Whimsical Piece

This beautiful mirror looks like a portal to another dimension! Add moss or fake plants to give it some life, or keep it simple as it is.

The best part of this project is that it would look amazing with any shape of mirror! try it round or as a rectangle, our custom mirrors will surely satisfy you.

Find the instructions here
Get a mirror here

Supplies for your next big idea are always at reach! Count on us at Dulles Glass and Mirror

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