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How to Replace a Glass Patio Table Top

If you need to replace the glass in your patio table, this is the only stop you need to make. Watch our video below to learn all about the different types of patio tables and get help deciding the right type of glass to buy for the perfect replacement.

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There are three common kinds of glass patio tables: A patio table where the glass sits on top of a pedestal; a patio table where the glass covers the surface of a table; and a patio table where the glass fits into a frame.

Pedestal Patio Tables

patio table

Customer photo of outdoor pedestal table with rectangle glass.

If you have a pedestal table and broke the glass, it’s easy to go to our web site and order the exact size glass of your broken piece.

For pedestals, we recommend the stronger ⅜” or ½” glass, which will provide more support.

Make sure you choose tempered glass, which is heat-treated for extra strength.

For rectangle or square tables, you’ll want to order a beveled or a flat polished edge. Don’t forget to order eased or radius corners for square table tops. This corner type has been polished or rounded so the corners are safe.

For round table tops, choose either a beveled edge or a pencil polish edge.

Protecting the Surface of an Outdoor Table with Glass

Customer photo of glass being used as a table cover to protect the surface of the table and provide stability.

If you have an outdoor table you’d like to protect, or that has an uneven surface, you can order glass to cover the surface of the table.

For square or rectangle tables, simply measure the the length and width of the table – that’s all you need!

Keep in mind that our cutting tolerance is plus or minus  ⅛”. That means that the glass you receive could be bigger or smaller by ⅛”. So please be sure to measure carefully!

For a round table top, measure through the exact center of the table to find the width. This number is going to be the diameter of the table, which is all you need to order.

For a table cover, choose ¼” or ⅜” glass. Don’t forget to choose tempered glass for safety. For rectangles and squares, choose beveled or flat polished edges; and for round tables choose beveled or pencil polished edges.

Patio Tables with Glass Sitting in a Frame


Customer photo where glass fits inside a frame.

These kinds of tables can be tricky. The frame cannot be bent in any way, or it will be very hard to measure. Straighten the frame before you measure it. And the glass must be cut to fit inside the frame exactly, so be very careful of your measurements. We will fabricate the glass exactly to the dimensions you provide with a +/- 1/8″ cutting tolerance.

For glass that fits inside a frame, choose ¼”, ⅜” or ½” tempered glass depending on your frame.
Make sure that you choose a seamed or flat polished edge so that it fits down in the frame properly.

You can choose to have a hole drilled in any table top for your patio table umbrella if you need it!
Your glass is made to your specification as soon as you place your order. We guarantee in-one-piece delivery and your shipping is always free.

Because you can completely customize your table exactly to your taste and needs, you can shop with confidence at, where we make sure you get Your Glass, Your Way!


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