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What is Tempered Glass Used For?
Tempered Glass Sheets

What is Tempered Glass?

What is tempered glass used for and how is it made? Tempered glass is is a type of safety glass, and is your best choice for most home or business applications. It’s been heat treated, which toughens the glass and makes it impact resistant. There are many uses for tempered glass. You’ll want to choose tempered glass for items like glass table tops, patio table tops, glass table covers, glass shelves, and even bigger items like bathtub screens. Dulles Glass & Mirror offers custom cut tempered glass sheets for a variety of uses.

How Glass Is Tempered

Tempered glass is glass that has been heat-treated and then rapidly cooled to give it the unique properties of being thermal resistant (i.e., can withstand very high temperatures compared to normal glass), impact resistant (i.e., 5-8 times more force before shattering than normal glass), and safe if broken (it breaks into small, oval shaped bits rather than sharp shards like annealed glass and ordinary glass do when broken). At Dulles Glass & Mirror, we temper the glass ourselves in our own state-of-the-art tempering oven.

Custom Cut Tempered Glass For Tables

Tempered Table Glass

How can you use tempered glass in your home? If you have a table that you’d like to preserve and cover, we can fabricate tempered glass sheets in oval, circle, rectangle and square cuts according to your specifications and dimensions. Tempered glass is good for both indoor and outdoor tables where the glass is the table surface. In addition, tempered glass is great for tables where the glass will be embedded in a surface or wrapped around it. This means that tempered glass makes a great choice for patio tables, coffee tables, and dining tables. If your glass table top will sit on top of the surface of your furniture, don’t forget to order glass table bumpers to create a buffer between the glass and table surface. 

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Tempered Glass Shelves

Floating Glass Shelves By Dulles Glass & Mirror

In addition, you should consider tempered glass for glass shelving as its strength and impact resistance mean your shelves are unlikely to crack or break through long-term use. We can cut a variety of shapes for your new shelves, including square, rectangle, and multiple shapes for corner shelves. Our tempered glass shelves are perfect for showers, vanities, offices, over the sink, cabinets, closets and for windows. The best part is that you can have the floating glass shelves cut to size to fit the length and width of any areas in your home. If you prefer to purchase pre-made shelves, visit our glass shelf kit section.

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Finally, Dulles Glass & Mirror offers frameless bathtub glass shower panels, and bathtub screen designs. When made of tempered glass, you can rest assured that they are going to be like new after years of use. Keep in mind that all of our glass products can be made of a variety of glass designs, including glass tint in bronze, smoked gray, low-iron, frosted and clear glass as the tempering process does not alter the look of the glass you select. This means that no matter the use, you are sure to find a type of glass that fits the look and style you need it for just right. Visit our online store today to get started with all of your replacement glass needs.

Tempered Glass Is A Safe Choice For Home Improvement

Tempered Glass Bathtub Door

As you can see, tempered glass has many applicable uses in the home and is especially favorable for home improvement as tempered glass is safer for the family due to its tough properties. Tempered glass should be your top choice for safety concerns. From shower doors to shelves, tempered glass is safer to handle and won’t shatter into sharp pieces.

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